Power & Utilities


Expert IoT services for power & utilities Industry

The demand for sustainable energy solutions and energy management has mandated energy providers to review existing solutions. Increasing customer expectation and high market regulation are forcing utility companies to migrate to dynamic, decentralized and data-driven business models that embrace IoT for higher efficiency in operation. To manage these complex challenges access to real-time data is an important factor to consider.

Asset management, remote plant management, service and predictive maintenance can be exploited when there is an in-depth consideration for connected devices and security efforts made possible by IoT.

Leveraging IoT, utilities providers can detect fault and location saving substantial reparation time and minimizing breakdown duration, improve the safety and stability of the transmission lines, and reduce downtime through alerts and notifications.

We know the process of the utilities Industry, this know-how combined with our solutions help utilities operators harness the opportunities a connected energy generation, transmission and distribution presents.