Oil & Gas


Expert IoT services for the oil & gas Industry

Asset visibility, operational efficiency, and safety management are key issues operators deal with daily. There is a need for stakeholders to ensure optimum productivity at the lowest cost. The transition from brownfields to digital oilfields can be cost-intensive and very challenging.

Strong base in electrification and automation allows operators to reap benefits of digitalization/IoT in

Real-world: integrating engineering and operation by digitally enhanced products and secured connectivity

Virtual world: creating plant digital twins for simulation, commissioning, production.

Industrial services: improving asset performance with digital solutions to prevent downtimes, identifying potential threats of fuel theft and spillage, Identify causes of past failures, and future error probability to effectively schedule maintenance and minimize costly production downtime.

Pipeline monitoring and intelligent PIGS: While the buildup in a pipeline can cause transmittal slows or even plugging of the pipeline, cracks or flaws in the line can be disastrous. Sensors can be attached to pipeline to capture the health of the pipeline. Sensors used for inspection could be magnetic flux leakage, ultrasonic and eddy current combined with Gyro and odometer to estimate location. Once data is captured, analysis can be done to detect and classify defects. Combined with AI, pipeline operators are able to make informed decisions on maintenance and identify possible theft cases.

We understand the characteristics of the oil industry. Capitalizing on our domain know-how, we transition clients from electrification and automation to digitalization and IoT, fueled by digital twins and smart data.