Data Analytics and The Future Of Energy Management

The challenge:

In order to reduce operating costs and cut wastage, industries must take their energy management plans beyond utility consumption monitoring. A comprehensive systems thinking approach should be incorporated: infrastructure, supply chain, design, machinery controls and smart metering.

Moreover, enterprises must adopt alternative energy sources to enact more effective cost management strategies and utility consumption, thus becoming more sustainable.

Enterprises have built dedicated teams and departments to enforce systems and processes to help reduce consumption. However, with numerous avenues to be considered, measuring has been a problem, talk more controlling. In order to obtain detailed insight about location and equipment specific consumption of resource, businesses need to leverage the internet of things technology. This technology combined with other factors, such as weather, area of facility, equipment type can help decision makers keep in check consumption of energy resource.

Four internal factors that drive the concept of energy management are:

1. Possible areas of energy usage.

2. Opportunities within these possible areas that can be tapped to minimize energy usage.

3. Stakeholders who own the implementation projects to address opportunities.

4. Possible benefits obtainable by the stakeholders and the organization at large.

The Solution:

With energy analytics, you can easily and costs effectively take your energy management to the next level. Energy analytics lets you create valuable report and reveal hidden saving potentials without tying up your time and resource. Stake holders are able to load profile analyses, analyses and reports based on meaningful figures. Data is acquired either by connecting a logger to existing meter infrastructure or installing app provided by vendor. The transmitted data is processed and analyzed in the cloud or edge. The processed data is made available in the web portal inform of graphics and analysis charts as in reports for downloads.


With energy data management as a managed cloud based service, you can use your energy data to generate a real measurable added value.

Energy analytics offers you individual analyses, it is simple thus giving you freedom to focus on your core business. Energy analytics can easily be added to your operating costs with huge returns in a short time.

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