Case Study: Facility Management

“We knew what we wanted to achieve for our clients, and how important it would be to our future success. Cedar Analytics IoT services was attentive and was able to quickly understand our challenges and provide exactly what we needed to reduce risk and ensure our solution would deliver positive outcomes for our business and our customers.

The partnership with Cedar Analytics IoT Services has been excellent. They have been a great partner in discussing the way forward and IoT considerations stretching from connectivity to security and analytics. Their experience and transparency has enhanced our competitive advantage.”

Case Study: Manufacturing

“We were looking for a solution that could provide the reliability, coverage, and sensor data we needed and that was also easy to install and maintain. Cedar delivers all of these qualities. The usual is for us to allocate an estimate for our utilities costs. Over a 2 week period, we managed to achieve 5% reduction in cost. In the past, we have been able to achieve similar results, but we had absolutely no clue what we did to achieve the good result. This time around we have a fairly good idea of what we did to achieve the result, it was no guesswork.”

Case Study: Oil & Gas

“We wanted three things. First, the solution should be easy to deploy and, more importantly, not involve any hardware changes or reprogramming in the system. Second, it should provide a secure and cost-effective data connection that can get around our heap leach and reach a number of wells within the field. A simple platform that can be leveraged by technicians and operators. The offering by Cedar met these requirements.

Thanks to Cedar Analytics IoT Services, we now have full visibility into our operations and can proactively take action when needed. Having access to data that was previously inaccessible gives us the ability to better predict when field trip/maintenance should be made and evaluate how efficiently production materials are being used in production.”