Our Internet of Things (IoT) Information Desk

A framework to assess the readiness of companies for digitalization

How Africa Can Thrive In The Digital Age

The way people live, work and connect is being changed by digital technologies. However, they can do so much more for developing nations of the world. Digital technologies open up new possibilities for countrie...

Industrial IoT server hardware

Getting IoT Projects Started

The Internet of Things is a reality, solving numerous business problems. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept, a concept comprise processes, parameters, products and measurements. Many think IoT is all abo...

Asset Performance Management (APM) issue tree for IoT projects

Leveraging The Issue Tree to Pilot IoT Projects

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating an unprecedented level of opportunities across verticals helping companies monitor the performance of assets. Businesses have leveraged the IoT technology to make or sav...

A typical digital data dashboard with multiple elements

Data and Innovation: Leading With and In a Data World

Today’s world and future is built on data. Interconnectivity is now key to business transformation. Online activities of businesses and consumers have been growing in an exponential manner. This has led to the ...

Big data automation

Data Analytics and The Future Of Energy Management

The challenge: In order to reduce operating costs and cut wastage, industries must take their energy management plans beyond utility consumption monitoring. A comprehensive systems thinking approach should be i...