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Analytics & Applications


IoT data analysis is an integral element of any IoT system. IoT data are heterogeneous, noisy, and error-prone, have high velocity and are time and location dependent. This makes the solution requirement unique. Given that our core is analytics we know what solution fits IoT data. Our Analytics solutions ensure that the right data is collected with proper contextual metadata, employs efficient data mining and machine learning techniques, and helps in operationalization and re-use.

Cedar Analytics services help you dynamically and intelligently manage IoT data ensuring security with real-time processing and scalability in mind. Talk to us to discuss your analytics needs.


An IoT application helps you make meaning out of data gathered. We help you select the right method to leverage IoT applications. Once data is gathered, we create web/mobile dashboards; from simple, analytic ones to interactive, real-time dashboards. We have the know-how of data visualization frameworks and 2D/3D rendering libraries to create IoT dashboards. We provide customized IoTdashboards for many use cases across the confines of several industries. Our applications services give you access to real time data with a solid trend analysis. Talk to us to discuss your application needs.